A Posse A Esse * Latin * From Possibility To Actuality

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Congratulations On Your Recent Engagement. Now the time has come to plan and create one of the most important days of your life, your wedding day. It is a time of deciding what you want in your wedding and deciding.

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About Us

We are a mobile DJ company specializing in a variety of music genres, events and occasions. We have been a part of the music and dance scene for the last 12 years. We play music in a personalized and professional manner, based on our experience, to deliver a meaningful, high enery celebration.

We have found that events take on their own personality, so to speak, none are exactly the same and all are unique in their own way. Our practice is based first and foremost on a deep and profound love and enjoyment of music and how music can positively affect the lives of people. It is this love for music and the energy it possesses that we believe enables us to bring (deliver) our very best in celebrations which make for special moments and memories for each event we take part in. Lastly, our good reputation rides on each event we do so I personally handle each event to insure that everything during the evening goes according to plan. No reserve DJ!

Contact Information

Phone Local: 317-258-7248

E-Mail: PlatinumSound333@gmail.com